Receive replies and forward them

Receive replies to your SMS and forward them by email, HTTP callback or SMS

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In order to receive replies, it is essential that you set a phone number as the sender of the SMS. SMS with an alphanumeric sender (e.g. CompanyABC) cannot be replied to.

Receiving replies via SMS

There are basically three different ways to receive replies:

  1. Use your own phone number (landline or mobile) as sender identification. You will then receive the replies directly on your own device.
  2. Select the option "A shared phone number" as the sender ID when sending via webapp or use the parameter get_replies=1 via API. Replies will then be sent to you for 48 hours. 
    Please refer to the corresponding article for details on and restrictions of using shared numbers: Shared numbers
  3. Book your own phone number with us, which you can specify as the sender ID.

Also have a look at our product page for inbound SMS.

Forwarding Inbound SMS

Please find instructions on how to forward incoming SMS in our article on receiving SMS in the section "Forwarding incoming SMS".


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