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Shared Numbers

How do I use shared numbers to send and receive SMS?

Updated this week

We provide shared numbers for you to try sending SMS and then receiving replies. Here you can learn how to use the feature and what to look out for.

How do I send SMS via shared numbers if I want to receive replies?

There are several ways to use the shared numbers.

From the webapp

If you use our webapp, select A shared number under Sender when sending a new SMS. The sender will be set automatically.


Set the parameter get_replies=1.

Please find all parameters for sending via our API in our documentation.


Add the parameter get_replies=1.

Please find all parameters for Email2SMS sending in our documentation.

How much does it cost to send via shared numbers?

If you use the shared numbers with reply function, the regular costs for sending SMS will apply. For details, please refer to our current price list.

What else do I need to know about the answering function via shared numbers?

  • You will be randomly assigned an available number. For recipients from other countries, a sender number from the respective country will be set if available.

  • You will receive replies to your message in your account, but only for 48 hours. Replies sent to you after more than 48 hours cannot be received.

  • You will receive replies in your account. If you want to receive them additionally via email, you can forward the incoming SMS. Read more here: Receive replies and forward them

  • There is no guarantee that you will be able to use the same phone number again. Although it intended that you will be assigned the same number within two weeks if you send an SMS again within this period, it is possible that the number will be sold in the meantime and will then no longer be available to you. If you want to reliably use the same number multiple times to send SMS and receive replies, please book your own inbound number.

  • You will not use the shared numbers exclusively. Several of our customers can use the same number if it happens to be assigned that way.

  • For communication with your customers, please always book your own inbound number.

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