Set Sender ID

How to set sender identifiers and create a standard sender

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For information on replies to text senders, please read the corresponding article.

General information

When sending SMS to most networks worldwide, you can set your own sender identifier which will be displayed to your recipients as the sender. This name may consist of up to 11 alphanumeric characters or be a phone number. Please note that there are some international restrictions regarding the sender ID - e.g. SMS to the USA are always sent from our US phone number.

Theoretically, an alphanumeric sender can also contain special characters like . , : _ - or spaces. However, we recommend using only letters in the sender, as correct sending with other characters cannot be guaranteed.
Phone numbers as senders can be transferred in any format. These are automatically recognized and formatted internally.
Please note: Only SMS with a phone number as sender can be answered.

Creating a default sender

You can define a default sender that will always be used as sender if you do not specify another sender ID. In addition, this sender is preselected in the webapp when you compose a new SMS. You can set the default sender in the webapp under Settings in the SMS tab at Default sender ID. Make sure to save your changes.


Creating sender IDs

You can create different sender IDs under Account -> Settings->Sender ID. When sending the SMS, you can then select the desired identifier in the "Sender id" field. It is also possible to enter a new sender directly into this field.


Examples for valid and invalid sender names

Valid sender IDs

004915123456789 - will be recognized as phone number
+4915123456789 - is recognized as phone number
0151 - 23456789 - is recognized as a phone number
Fire dept

Invalid sender IDs

ZahnarztpraxisMustermann - Sender is too long (max. 11 characters)
Sender$123 - Invalid special characters in the sender

Our system automatically replaces invalid or missing sender IDs. If you do not specify a sender, the setting for the default sender from your account will be used, if available.

Sender names and Flash SMS

Newer devices may replace your default sender with neutral names like "SMS". For more information, please see the article on Flash SMS.


Sender name when sending via our API

When sending SMS via the API, specify the sender name using the from parameter.
For more information, see our HTTP API documentation.


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