Set default country code

How can I select a default country code?

In our webapp, in the Settings menu item and the General tab, you will find the option to set a country code as default. 

This means: If you enter a phone number without a country code, the code specified here will be used automatically.


You create the number 0123 45678910 in your contacts, i.e. without a specific country code.

  • If you have set a German country code as default, i.e. 49, the SMS will be sent to the number 

    +49123 45678910

  • If you have specified a US country code as default, i.e. +1, the SMS will be sent to the number

    +1123 45678910

  • If you have created the number as +49123 45678910, i.e. with a specific country code, the SMS will also be sent to this number, no matter what you have specified as a default country code. 


An overview of all country codes can be found here: List of country calling codes (Wikipedia).

You can find more information about international SMS in our blog post about international communication.