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How to assign roles to your account members

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Where can I manage my account members?



Do you have a team that shares your account? Or an external technical department, which is integrating our API for you, but otherwise cannot have access to the account data? Use the Members function to assign roles to individual team members according to their tasks. 

You can find the members of your account by clicking on your profile picture in the webapp and then selecting the Members item. Here you can also invite a new member via the blue button on the left.

Roles and their permissions


The Owner of the account is the person who created the account. This role has all permissions and full access to all functions. It cannot be changed, except by our team on explicit request.

The Administrator has almost the same rights as the owner of an account, but cannot delete the account or other admins – only the account owner has these permissions.

The Developer can view the API keys and change them as needed, but has no access to the traffic and payment data.

The Finance role can view the invoices and order credit, but has no access to other functions.

The Messaging role can send SMS messages and manage contacts and the logbook, but has no access to the API key or finances.


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