Sending RCS via email

How do I send RCS messages via email?

You can control the sending of an RCS message via the recipient line and the subject line of your email.

ATTENTION: This only works if you have set up the Mail API in advance.

Go directly to the settings for:

Additional parameters for sending RCS via email can be found in our corresponding Mail API documentation.


In the recipient line, enter the number to which you would like to send the message and append

If you want to send an RCS message to the number 012345678910, the recipient line must contain 

To send RCS to a group, you must specify this in the subject line by using the appropriate parameter.

If you enter a value for recipient in the subject line, the recipient line will be overwritten.


IMPORTANT: If you want to send an RCS message via e-mail, you MUST use the parameter type=rcs in the subject.

If you do not specify a type, the message will be sent as an SMS.

In the subject line, you can also specify which additional functions you would like to use. There are certain parameters for this which you can use to customize the details of the dispatch. Separate the entries with spaces.

For an overview of all possible parameters, please also read our Mail API documentation.

Please note: When sending RCS messages, you can only use the sender names that you specified when creating your agents.

Content of the RCS message

Plain text

If you want to send a plain text message, simply enter the text in the text field of the mail.

Complex message

To send complex RCS messages via email, enter the JSON code of the RCS object in the text field of the email. 

If you want to make sure that only your entered text is sent (and not, for example, an additional mail signature by mistake) you can enclose the text in double hash marks: ##This is your text##

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