How do I use the template function?

If you often send the same or similar messages, you can use templates to save time. 

In this article:

Create a new template

Edit or delete a template

Create a new template

Select the template icon in the text input field on the right and then click the blue plus sign.


In the new input window you can now enter text and name your template text. When you are satisfied with your text, save the template. 

Now you can insert the template into your SMS by clicking on the template field and selecting the respective template.

Edit or delete a template

Once you have created a template, it will appear in the drop-down menu that opens when you click the template icon. To the right of the name of your template, you can either edit the respective template by clicking on the blue pencil or delete it by clicking on the red trash can.

Please note that deleting a template does not need to be confirmed and it cannot be undone.


Have a question about using templates? Our support will be happy to help!