Status reports

What does my status report mean?

Whenever you send SMS via our Gateway, you may receive different status reports. These reports tell you whether your SMS has already been delivered to the recipient. In these tables you can check what your status means in detail.

For details on the status reports "Not delivered" and "rejected" please read the article "SMS has not been received"

Temporary statuses 

These statuses will change into a final one.




SMS was sent successfully, but the target device has not been connected to a cellular network, so the SMSC is holding on to the message

Transmitted SMS has been sent to the SMSC and will be delivered when the target device is connected to a cellular network
Waiting for delivery You have scheduled this SMS to be sent later


Final statuses

These statuses do not change.



Delivered Your SMS has been delivered
Not delivered The SMS could not be delivered. Please check if you have entered the correct number or, if possible, restart the receiving device

The SMS could not be delivered in the set validity period (default 48h)

Rejected SMS has been rejected by the carrier
Failed Failed to send, please contact support at
Unknown Unknown status, please contact support at



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