Personalized SMS

How can I personalize my messages? How do I use placeholders?

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Using placeholders

To personalize your SMS you can use placeholders. You will find them next to the input field. 


By default you can choose from the placeholders for first name, last name, number, email, birthday, date and time. For example, if you insert the placeholder first name, the individual first name of the respective recipient is inserted automatically. You can also create other placeholders via the custom fields. You will find more information on custom fields below.

Of course, the system can only insert a value if you have also entered a value for the recipient at the appropriate place. This means, for example, that the date of birth can only be inserted if you have entered it in the contact's card.
You can use several placeholders in one message.

If you select a placeholder for which there is no value in the address book for the respective contact, a space character is sent in the place of the placeholder.

Make sure that you enter all of your customer data correctly. If your customer's first name is misspelled, personalization will not have a positive effect.

Individual placeholders with custom fields

If you want to create a new placeholder, you can do so using a custom field.

In the "Contacts" screen, you can click on "More" in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu, click on the item "Custom fields". A window opens where you can add a new field by clicking on "Add field". In the right field (column "Field name") you can now enter a name for your new field. The left field is generated automatically.

After you have saved, your new field will be available in every contact overview.

If you want to delete a custom field (a placeholder), you can do so at the same screen. Just click on the red trash can icon behind the respective field and save.

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