Performance Tracking

Measure the success of your SMS campaign

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How does Performance Tracking work?

Links in your SMS will be replaced automatically with short links by our own URL shortener. An individual URL is created for each recipient of your campaign and for each link in the SMS. 

This makes it possible to evaluate exactly which contact clicked on which link. Performance Tracking is available for single transactional SMS as well as for mass SMS campaigns.

Send SMS campaign with Performance Tracking

Our webapp automatically recognizes links set in the SMS. As soon as you enter a link in the SMS text, you can activate the Performance Tracking option:




Our system then generates an individual, short link for each link and each recipient of your campaign. This means that the clicks can be assigned exactly to the respective links/recipients. You may send the SMS right away or set a time at which you would like your messages to be sent.



Track performance via webhooks

You can also collect information on clicks and views via webhook. Find the corresponding setting option in our webapp under the menu item Developer in the right hand section with the title Webhooks

If you want to create a new webhook or edit an existing one, the settings options for the corresponding webhook will open. Here you can select TRACKING under the event item to receive the information on the performance tracking via webhook.

Conversion tracking

In addition, you can measure the campaign conversions, if desired. This could be the recipient's registration on your site, an order or other actions performed by the recipient.

For this purpose, a cookie is set at the click, which can be evaluated by our conversion tracking code on your site.

Please copy the conversion tracking code from your login and paste it onto the page where the conversion took place, such as the registration confirmation page.

You can find your complete code in your login under Settings > Conversion Tracking.


You can view the success of your individual SMS or your campaign in your logbook. Simply hold the cursor over the icon:


For SMS campaigns with several recipients, the values are displayed cumulatively.


  • It is best to place the link at the end of the SMS – this automatically generates a link preview for the recipient device if it is able to do so. This increases the click rate and allows us to evaluate the views of the message.
  • Changing the URL also changes the length of the SMS. In some rare cases, this can lead to higher costs per message if the shortened URL is longer than the original URL and the message thus exceeds the 160 character limit.

What else can I do?

In the future, scenarios will be possible in which you can run A/B split tests or optimize your campaign fully automated according to click rate or conversion rate. 

Do you have any questions, criticism or suggestions regarding Performance Tracking or Conversion Tracking? We look forward to your message!