Use labels to gain detailed insights into you SMS sending statistics

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Why you should be using labels

When sending SMS, Voice or when validating phone numbers (HLR / MNP), enter a label for the respective transmission. 

This will help you to create detailed statistics, which you can evaluate in regard to the respective labels by filter or grouping. This makes it easier to analyze and track various sending activities.



You use our SMS dispatch for different purposes, e.g. two-factor authentications and appointment reminders or you have different branches/shipping points which you would like to record? Enter a corresponding label when sending and access your statistics to see how many SMS have been sent and how much credit has been used for each category.

You can also assign an individual label to each of your employees when sending SMS, in order to be able to track which employee sends how many SMS messages.

In the monthly report mail you will receive a breakdown of your top labels from the previous month.


How to use labels


When sending via Mail to SMS, please enter the parameter label in the subject line. This could look something like this:from=Optician key=123456789 label=Campaign1

If no label is specified when sending by Mail-to-SMS, the gateway automatically uses the email sender. More information can be found in the Mail-to-SMS documentation


For shipping via our API please use the parameter label. For example, in the HTTP request, additionally send: label=Campaign1

See the API documentation for more information.


When sending directly via the webapp, you can specify the label directly in the send form. 



If you are connected to our gateway via SMPP, you can specify any label via the PDU element service_type. According to SMPP v3.4 specifications, service_type may be a maximum of 5 characters long.