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How do I make my Synology NAS send SMS?

Set up seven as your SMS service to receive notifications via SMS.

You can have your NAS notify you of certain events via SMS. In the following post we will show you how to set up these notifications.

First, you have to log in to the user interface of your NAS. Then open the Control Panel.  In the following screen, click on Notification in the System section.


In the following window, select the SMS tab.

Here you need to check the box for Enable SMS Notifications

After that click the Add SMS service provider button.



The picture below shows two of the following windows where you should make changes. 

In the Add SMS service provider window, enter the name of the provider: seven.io.

Also add an SMS URL. The SMS URL in this case is: https://gateway.seven.io/api/sms?p=API_KEY&to=Recipient&text=Hello+World&from=Sender

Click Next and in the next window click Next again.

In the Edit SMS service provider window, assign the parameters to the appropriate categories.
Assign them the way they are shown on the right picture below. 

Confirm the settings by clicking Apply.

helpdesk_synology_provider_enNow you can set the sender name in the following window.

It is mandatory that you insert your API key here.

Also enter the phone number(s) where you want to receive the SMS.

Afterwards, you should send a test SMS to check if your settings are correct. You can do this by clicking the button Send a test SMS message on the bottom of the window.


If your test SMS arrives, you are done with the integration into your Synology NAS and you will receive SMS.

If you still have questions about the setup or the SMS sending via our service, please contact our support.