Where do I find my API key?

Learn how to view your API keys and create new ones.

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For more details on how to use our API, see our HTTP API documentation.

What is an API key and what do I need it for?

Your API key is a combination of letters and numbers and, similar to a complex password, improves the security of your account. The API key is only visible to you personally and acts like a separate access, additionally to your password. With the help of this key you can protect your applications against unauthorized access by third parties.

To view or create API Keys, you need to log in to our webapp with your credentials. If you don't have an account yet, create one

In order to send SMS from your own application via our gateway, you link it via HTTP API. We provide you with various interfaces for this purpose. Your API key serves as a password that identifies you as an authorized user for this server-to-server communication. Further details can be found in our HTTP API documentation.

Create your first API key

If you have just set up your account, you need to create your first API key. To do this, click on the green plus at the bottom right under the Developer menu item in the API key area. 


In the following pop-up, you can specify some settings for your new API key.


Set a label for your API key. This label will help you distinguish your API keys from each other.

You can also choose between the live environment and the sandbox environment.
Choose the live environment if you want to use the API key to actually send messages.
Choose the sandbox environment if you want to use the API key for testing. Messages sent using this key will not actually be sent to recipients.

In addition, you can specify the length of your API key. We recommend that you do not choose an API key shorter than 64 characters unless it is absolutely necessary.

Your API key will be displayed once you have saved your settings. You cannot choose your own API key.

View existing API keys

You can find the API key in your account under the Developer menu item in the API key section. Click on the blue pencil to the right of the instance for which you need the API key.


In the window that opens next, you can copy your API key and look at the settings for this specific key.


If you need a new or shorter API key or want to use a sandbox environment, create a new key via the green plus in the overview.

For applications that need high levels of security or for sensitive data transfers, we recommend that you replace the API key regularly. To do this, delete the respective line and create a new key.


If you have any questions concerning your API keys, please do not hesitate to contact our support!